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What is DraftingDan?

Business Solutions Engineered for You

DraftingDan began as a freelance design and drawing service for engineers and contractors. Over the years, we have expanded our services to marketing, streamlining business processes, and integrating software tools.

Other Services

Here are some of the other services we are running through other websites.

Skinny Patch

Transdermal Supplement Patches
Support for Healthy Living
Migraine Mitigation Support

Leader Teacher

Marketing Training
Find Your Ideal Student
Business Planning


Graphic Designs
Custom Shirts and Hoodies
Stickers, Magnets, and More

Team Work

Elk Grove Unified School District


The fifth largest school district in California, with 60,000 students in 40 different schools.

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A creative marketing agency, with a complete in-house development team able to deliver the power to handle any business needs.

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Informa Markets


A primarily B2B division of one of the world's largest organizers for trade shows and sales conferences.

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Leading Response


A marketing company focused on providing the premium in qualified leads and event attendees.

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